About Hazeltine

Hazeltine, "The Pinnacle of Energy Recruiting", was started with the idea of truly partnering with our clients to accomplish the end goal of hiring exceptional people for their organization. Knowing that one great employee could make or save a company millions of dollars, we take on every search as if we were investors in our client's company. We look at the big picture because your next hire could be the difference between you exceeding or falling short of investor's expectations.

Since its foundation in November 2015, Hazeltine has worked exclusively in the Oil and Energy space. Our clients include E&P, Midstream, and Energy Services companies looking to build out their team. We focus on sourcing best-in-class candidates for both contract and permanent positions. We know how critical the pitch and first impressions can be in attracting top talent and selling your management team. Hazeltine tailor each search to your company’s culture and needs. Our typical searches include;

E&P Companies

Reservoir Engineer - Production Engineer - Completion Engineer - Facilities Engineer - Landman Geologist - E&P Accounting Staff - Engineering Tech - Ops Tech - Land Tech - Geo Tech - Finance

Midstream Companies

Process Engineer - Project Engineer - Project Manager - Commercial Staff - Business Development - Schedulers - Finance Staff - Accounting Staff

Energy Services Companies

Sales - Engineering - Accounting/Finance

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